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Environment Blogs

Environment Blogs

Climate Change

As forests burn and cities drown, as crops wither and people die – there is no longer doubt that climate change is dangerously impacting societies the world over. 

A Sustainable Future

We really can do better and there are some good news stories out there that can give us hope. Progress on many fronts is already occurring.


There’s no argument that plastics have greatly benefited humankind, but the benefits and convenience have come at a great price.

Footprints of Life

Everything we do has an impact or ‘footprint” on the environment. These articles address the environmental impact...


We are unnecessarily exposed to toxic substances, many of which are not adequately regulated. There are ways to lower the risk.

Trusting Science

 Science will often reveal a truth that causes humanity great discomfort. What do we do when discoveries go beyond a ‘wow’ moment (such space travel) and force us to re-examine what we have become used to or even the way we live?

CoVid 19

The CoVid 19 pandemic presents one of the clearest examples regarding the critical need for evidence-based decision-making. Unfortunately, the presentation of scientific evidence has often been undermined by misinformation and divisive politics.